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What are Deal a Day Websites

Deal a day websites are a kind of eCommerce websites which give you the ability to set up one deal per day. Deals are the offers for selling a product for a particular time interval. This time interval usually is of 24-36 hours.  Members who are registered to such websites get to know about these offers either when they receive emails or through social networking websites. Also new members are invited to join these websites through postal mails, social networking websites and emails. Deal of the day websites have now grown even larger and have achieved good reputation.

The Deal of the day idea became well-known with the release of in July 2004. Since late 2006, the market of ‘deal a day’ has increased. More than 100 ‘deal a day’ websites currently exists. In Nov 2008, Groupon joined the industry and became the second quickest internet company to arrive at a big valuation.

How does Deal of the day work-

The deal of the day enterprise works by providing suppliers an option and an ability to market their products and services at reduced costs straight to the consumers of the deal organization. These deal organizations get their revenue and profit from the offers sold through immediate marketing initiatives such as an electronic mail. It rewards both suppliers and clients/customers as suppliers develop brand commitment and also have their extra inventory moving. Customers in return get products at much lower prices.

Many deal of the day websites work straight with local business owners and online stores to create a deal providing a product or service at a considerable lower price against standard Recommended Retail Price. Using the group purchasing technique, a minimum and highest possible number of offers are presented for selling within a time period. Generally, deal of the day websites section their products specifically in a way which develop good revenue. Normally, deals can be for sale for 24 hours, even though daily deal websites are significantly providing alternatives such as, longer deal purchasing times to increase revenue and allow several offers to run in a location simultaneously.

Deal information is e-mailed to the clients or customers of the deal of the day websites when the offer goes live. This information is usually very innovative or comical. The process of submitting everyday a single or several information e-mails to market new deals has been criticized by e-mail marketing gurus and customers. On the other hand, proof indicates that this competitive technique is efficient at producing sales, and guests or website visitors can sign-up to obtain an e-mail either everyday or every week to be informed of present-day offers. Shoppers prefer to purchase the offer on this website (instead of purchasing from the supplier at higher price). These websites then maintain the consumer data and let these consumers know about the new offers in future.

As soon as the deal has been sold through the website, consumers’ credit cards are billed. The deal is then presented as a digital coupon, which is redeemed at the store or assistance provider's place. The discounted price of the coupons bought from these sites generally end after a certain interval, but it is sustained until it is not redeemed.

Benefits of Deal-A-Day websites for consumers:

Everybody likes a deal, and particularly during times of economic meltdown. Consumers are often searching for ways to spend less, but without restricting the way of living they are acquainted to. Deal-A-Day websites can provide shoppers with significant benefits on items.

An additional advantage of Deal-A-Day websites is the convenience and supply available. Buying on the internet helps you to save time. Through internet you can check for the deal details anytime. There are no "standard managing hours". These websites run 24X7, which means you can buy at any time of the day.

These offers are very simple to understand, and most ‘deal-a-day’ websites implement a variety of interaction programs that allows people to choose how they would like to obtain notice of the deals. They can signup for the RSS feeds, become a member of these websites to get their emails, or even social networking sites like Facebook, twitter etc. This makes it very easy for people to know which deal is currently on sale.

Also, you may frequently come across some fascinating and uncommon products that could possibly not be readily available in other places. When you don't have enough cash, you may look on to the deal a day websites.

Benefits to the webmaster who wants to start a deal a day website
1)      Customers Loyalty
2)      Mouth Publicity
3)      Sell more products in less time
4)      No need of multiple shipping services.
5)      Bulk production reduces the manufacturing costs of products.

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